Faux Marble and More

Faux painting today is most commonly subtly textured.  Adding richness with texture and fantastic finishes.  Gone are the sharply contrasting color designs of several decades ago.  More recently, walls were deep solid colors.  Today admittedly we are seeing predominantly soft whites, tans and grays.  These simple shades scream out for a fitting accent. You can mimic the tile in front of your fireplace to create a bit of drama for your fireplace mantel.  Or you might choose, an entry wall to create a marble that echos the tones of your other walls.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love to do some bold themes, Tuscan washes are a favorite!  However, bold is most often seen in powder bathrooms or media rooms. Whatever your style, we can help you add just the right accent!

“With an eye for detail, and an ability to reproduce natural stone, slate, or tile turn walls, trim or crown moldings into luxurious accents. Wonderful way to update your home.”

Elizabeth Bottemiller

The Hartford, Des Moines, WA

We Are Obsessed With the Details!

So You Can Relax & Enjoy!!!

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Maybe you hate painting, or maybe you don’t know how to make the designs you want.  For me (Kristi) I get a thrill out of turning something plain into a beautiful accent.  The opportunities pop out at me when I walk in to a room.  Paint designs do anyway.  My struggle is how to complete the look after the painting!!!

Paint is the “safe” way to make changes that impact how you feel in your home.

“Kristi is trustworthy and reliable with an attention to detail.”

Joanna Tift

Keller Williams, Maple Valley, WA

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